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Your Home Website Regulations

  1. The owner of the website and its sub-domains is Your Home. The intellectual property of this website and all the copyrights belong to the website owner.
  2. Any party accessing Your Home website ("the website") will be recognized as a user.
  3. Website users must abide by the regulations herein whenever they access any web page of this website.
  4. The website owner may change the website's regulations from time to time at his sole discretion.
  5. The user must not use this website for any illegal purpose.
  6. Registration to the Your Home application is permitted only to persons over the age of 18. By registering to the Your Home application, the user declares that he/she is at least 18 years old.
  7. The user must not register any person to the Your Home application without the person's presence and consent. The person must agree to abide by the Your Home regulations.
  8. The use of the Your Home application is limited to registered users and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Registered users must provide correct personal information during registration.
  9. The website owner is under no obligation to review any messages, information, or content ("postings") posted on the website by users and assumes no responsibility or liability relating to any such postings. Notwithstanding the above, the website owner may from time to time monitor the postings on the website and may decline to accept and/or remove, without any prior notice, any postings that contain:
  10. Any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.
  11. Advertisements or solicitations of any kind that have not been approved by Your Home.
  12. Messages posted by users impersonating others.
  13. Messages that offer unauthorized downloads of any copyrighted or private information.
  14. Any material detrimental to Your Home.
  15. Chain letters of any kind.
  16. Free trial for 130 days
  17. The user agrees not to alter or damage any component of the Your Home website or disrupt its functionality in any way.
  18. The website owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate the registration of a user who violates any of the website's regulations. There will be no refund for services paid in the event of a terminated registration.
  19. The website owner assumes no responsibility or liability relating to damages to the user resulting from a third party.
  20. The website owner will make his best effort to keep the website accessible and functioning properly at all times. However, fault free performance cannot be guaranteed. The website owner assumes no liability relating to damages resulting from halachic errors, loss or exposure of users' personal data, or damages resulting from service inaccessibility.
  21. The user agrees to receive optional promotional/marketing mail from this website.
  22.  Your Home website will not transfer any personal information of the users to third party
  23. Your Home website will allow cancelliation up to 14 days from purches
  24. Your Home will provied full acsses the moment purches is done
  25.  Contact Us with any question via email:
  26. Phone Us +972556661879
  27. To read our privacy policy click here

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